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5 Things to Know About iLipo by Groupon

iLipo is a non-invasive, safe, surgery- and downtime-free alternative to liposuction. After a consultation with measurements, the tech applies four paddles. Each paddle has nine holes, through which 32 beams of laser light aim to turn fat cells from “grapes” to “raisins.” It can be used on virtually any part of the body, such as the love handles and thighs, with the abdomen being the most popular area chosen. Once the paddles are in place with a strap, the tech applies a warm cocoon-like wrap, which helps accelerate the process. After 10–20 minutes, the paddles are moved to the other side.

Pros recommend a minimum of eight treatments over four weeks, with clients losing up to four inches after a single treatment. Healthy dietary choices and exercise help to keep the slim results. As an alternative to exercise, clients can spend ten minutes standing on the vibration plate machine, which helps simulate the effect of exercise to flush the contents of the collapsed fat cells.

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Updated on: Thursday, December 1st, 2016