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Energist is the founding and leading global provider of the unique nitrogen plasma technology, NeoGen Plasma.

Energist has over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative aesthetic, dermatological and surgical energy devices, including lasers and other light-based energy systems. In 2018 Energist made the decision to streamline its product portfolio with a focus on supplying the global medical aesthetic market with its non-invasive, clinically proven, skin resurfacing technology, NeoGen Plasma.


NeoGen Plasma has 23 major global distribution companies with over 300 Dermatologists, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Doctors, and Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons benefitting from its unique technology.

This patented nitrogen plasma technology, spun out from a leading MedTech University, is clinically proven with over 30 IRB studies, and is demonstrably safer than competing laser and corona discharge devices.

Energist is committed to producing systems which meet world-class quality standards and demanding regulatory requirements, this is demonstrated through gaining ISO 13486:2016 and FDA certifications along with many other world-wide approvals.



The medical aesthetic industry is arguably the fastest growing healthcare sector. This is largely being driven by the introduction of non-surgical aesthetic procedures offering clients quick, “lunchtime” treatments with minimal discomfort or downtime, whilst still benefiting from the immediate and long-lasting clinical results.

NeoGen Plasma is non-invasive, offering treatment alternatives for a wide range of aesthetic and medical concerns with the ability to tailor the procedure to the client’s needs. NeoGen Plasma provides maximum clinical results with zero to minimal downtime.

Over 120,000 NeoGen Plasma procedures have been carried out world-wide with no adverse incidents.

“Hands-down the most effective skin resurfacing treatment that I’ve ever used” – Dr. Nina Deep, Nina Deep Aesthetics, USA.

Another change the aesthetics market has recently seen is the rise in demand from younger clients who are looking for preventative procedures, a concept known as ‘pre-juvenation’ which promotes the notion of prevention being better than cure. This concept is also driven by the desire for clients to avoid invasive procedures later in life, paving the way for maintenance procedures.

Additionally, NeoGen Plasma is one of the most effective modalities for performing corrective treatments on patients who have more severe medical or aesthetic concerns; for example, acne scarring or actinic keratosis.

“The NeoGen nitrogen Plasma Skin Regeneration platform has provided great results for my patients, across multiple treatment indications, with minimal downtime.” – Dr. Mark Holmes, The Mcindoe Surgical Centre, UK.



Consumers are beginning to make repeat aesthetic procedures part of their overall lifestyle and anti-aging regime. They want convenience and, most importantly, natural looking results. 

NeoGen Plasma is ideal for preventative and maintenance treatments for both aesthetic and medical indications. Clinical results can be seen immediately following a treatment and will continue to improve for up to 12 months post treatment.

Some of the many benefits of NeoGen Plasma include that it offers clients the option to choose non-surgical treatments with continually improving, natural results and minimum recovery time. 



Medical aesthetics is not only concerned with the face, or segmented parts of the body, but in fact it is increasingly recognising the clinical needs of the body as a whole. 

NeoGen Plasma safely treats the entire body, promoting dermal health from head to toe. Now clients can benefit from a holistic approach to clinical consultations.

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