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Our Commitment to Quality

quality Founded in 1999, Energist has grown to become a global company with a wealth of experience in clinical research, manufacture and technical customer support. Energist laser devices are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and meet all product, system and regulatory requirements for a worldwide market. Energist Ltd has an accredited quality system to the following standards – ISO 13485:2012. This ensures that all systems are built and tested within a stringent quality control environment allowing them to carry CE or CE medical marking. Energist Group is committed to producing systems that meet demanding regulatory requirements – this is demonstrated through gaining FDA, Health Canada, KFDA, SFDA and other clearances. We successfully distribute our devices worldwide, meeting all product, system and regulatory requirements. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product design, our assembly and testing services and after-sales care. Energist exports to over 30 countries worldwide.