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ILVO Endovenous

Endovenous laser treatment of greater and lesser varicose saphenous veins

has become the preferred treatment method over traditional surgery

Fast outpatient procedure

The procedure is fast, requires no general anaesthesia, and the patient can immediately resume normal activities after the procedure. Side effects are minimal in terms of pain and bruising with long-term results comparative to traditional surgery.

No Post-op downtime

Virtually all patients are candidates for treatment whether for a first time occurrence or reoperation, providing the saphenous vein can be accessed by the laser fibre. Since there is no requirement for general anaesthesia and the procedure only leaves a small puncture site, this procedure can be done in an outpatient setting. This saves on costs and time resources for the busy clinic.

In-built power meter

The ILVO™ laser comes with 15 watt power output, and the option of 980nm or 1470nm wavelengths. All lasers have an inbuilt power meter to confirm actual laser power through the fibre tip.

New 1470nm output

In recent years 1470nm is widely preferred by vascular surgeons as the preferred wavelength for endovenous vascular closure. Now the MedArt ILVO offers this wavelength in addition to the 980nm output.

Compact and cost-effective

The ILVO™ is a small, table-top sized units that fit easily into any clinical setting. The specially developed 600 mµ fibre and catheter kits are safe, easy to work with, and cost effective.


Laser Type: Continuous wave diode laser Laser Class 4 (IEC 825)
Output Power Range: 1-15W in steps of 1W
Wavelength: 980nm or 1470nm options
Aiming Beam: Through fibre (635 nm)
Mode of Operation: Continuous wave or pulsed
Frequency Range: 0.3 -100Hz
Pulse Width: 10 – 3000ms
Power Supply: 100-240V 50-60Hz
Size: 30 x 27 x 17cm
Weight: Approx. 4.5 kg

Note: This product currently not available for distribution in the USA.

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