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NeoGen European Launch

Energist launches NeoGen™ – Nitrogen Plasma Technology for skin regeneration.

Energist, specialists in aesthetic technologies, have unveiled their latest system, “NeoGen”. This unique technology delivers controlled pulses of nitrogen plasma energy to tissue and is heralded as the most important advance in non-invasive cosmetic treatment in recent times.

NeoGen is a completely different approach to restoring and regenerating the skin’s natural architecture. With the added benefit of enabling treatment of the upper and lower eyelids, NeoGen promotes the regeneration of new, healthy skin with continual aesthetic improvement.

Energist is the only company to use plasma energy for this application with the Portrait system, representing a dramatic leap forward in the science of skin regeneration. Clinical trials have proven that Portrait stimulates a natural regenerative process of the skin; recovery time is minimal and there is little or no risk of complications associated with other more aggressive anti-aging treatments.

Plasma energy produces a unique thermal response at and below the skin’s surface. This stimulates significant remodelling of the skin’s architecture, replacing old damaged collagen with significant amounts of new collagen and replacing the damaged elastin tissue. This is key to long-lasting and simultaneous improvements to deep wrinkles, skin laxity, skin texture, acne scars, pore size and surface discoloration. It has been noted that Portrait provides treatment outcomes similar to those seen with full CO2 resurfacing (considered the ‘gold standard’ amongst industry key opinion leaders), but with significantly reduced downtime.

Clinical studies have produced long lasting results with neocollagenesis and reduction in elastosis continuing for more than one year after treatment.

Commenting on the launch, Energist CEO Jonathan Prutton commented, “Portrait NeoGen is the most significant recent development in aesthetic technologies and will undoubtedly become the flagship in our equipment portfolio. Precisely controlled pulses of nitrogen plasma energy deliver unparalleled results as the entire skin architecture is regenerated and benefits from significant tightening, with long-lasting effects”.

“Portrait is ideal for those people who do not want more aggressive treatments but who want the same profound results. Anyone who has lost elasticity or has wrinkles around the eyes and lips can benefit from this treatment as it’s particularly effective in these areas of the face, promoting a more youthful appearance. Most skin types are appropriate for this procedure and this sets Portrait apart, when compared to laser and other light-based systems”, he said.

Portrait has undergone extensive clinical trials in the US (with over 30,000 treatments performed globally to date) and has achieved endorsement from many major institutions. Eric Bernstein of the Main Line Centre for Laser Surgery, Ardmore, PA said, “With this technology you have the epidermis acting as a natural dressing. There is no better dressing for your skin than your own skin cells, because they produce all the right combinations of growth factors and have the right stimuli to create new skin underneath. To me this is absolutely unique – I have not seen this before with any of the other resurfacing technologies, either CO2 or Erbium”.

Jonathan Prutton added, “Portrait NeoGen is now being launched into the European aesthetic industry and is being supported with a significant sales and marketing programme. Our research indicates consistent growth and demand for non-invasive cosmetic treatments and Energist is exceptionally well placed to meet the market needs for technology that delivers outstanding results. We are very excited about the prospects for Portrait NeoGen”, he concluded.

Portrait NeoGen will feature in a number of upcoming European medical aesthetics and dermatology meetings including Body Conference London, IMCAS Paris, AMWC Monaco.

Updated on: Sunday, September 9th, 2012