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Launch of SmartSculpt Laser Lipolysis

Another Year of Growth for Energist Group Culminates with Launch of SmartSculpt.

Strategic acquisitions and internal development of advanced technologies have continued in 2011 for Energist Group (Swansea, U.K.). To round out the year, this growing aesthetic device manufacturer will launch SmartSculpt®, its revolutionary laser lipolysis device, at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) in October.

“Having strengthened our position in the hair removal and facial rejuvenation markets through recent acquisitions, this device opens the door for us to access the fast growing body shaping market,” said Jonathan Prutton, CEO of Energist Group.
According to the company, SmartSculpt offers a quick and minimally invasive treatment, ideal for removal of localized fat deposits. Such areas include the abdomen, neck, arms, bra line, thighs, buttocks and knees. As a dual action system, in addition to lipolysis, SmartSculpt’s 980 nm laser wavelength also initiates a significant, highly effective skin tightening response. Early clinical testing of this device indicates that the procedure is extremely fast. Patients can resume normal social and professional activities soon after treatment.

SmartSculpt joins Energist’s family of respected, high-end aesthetic devices.The company’s flagship products include the unique fiber-delivered MedArt FRx® fractional CO2 laser, and the UltraPlus VPL® (Variable Pulsed Light) system, which, according to Michael H. Gold, M.D., owner of Gold Skin Care Center (Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.), is “considered amongst the most powerful and versatile pulsed light workstations on the market.”

Professor Robert Knobler, M.D., associate professor in the department of dermatology at the Medical University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria) agreed. “The system is one of the most sophisticated devices on the market today. I’m impressed with the power and versatility it offers the user to successfully perform hair removal, photorejuvenation and vascular treatments safely and effectively. I have been working with VPL from Energist for several years now and am very satisfied with its efficacy and reliability.”

Energist’s strong reputation for quality products also extends to the MedArt FRx Fractional CO2 laser. Victor Sagoo, M.D., director of Solihull Medical Cosmetic Clinic, (West Midlands, U.K.) has been using the FRx laser for over a year and has been extremely satisfied with its results. “Compared to previous ablative lasers, I have been impressed with the ease of handling and the precision of its application, as well as the flexibility to vacillate between continuous mode, to vaporize lesions instantly, or the fractional mode, to retexture and treat enlarged pores and acne scarring. My patients have been extremely pleased and have observed some amazing results.”

Based on his experience with Energist’s other quality devices, Dr. Sagoo is eager to offer SmartSculpt in his clinic. “With the climate for lipolysis and skin contouring changing rapidly I am very interested in this new laser lipolysis device and look forward to offering it to my patients.”

With the addition of SmartSculpt to its highly respected product portfolio of lasers and pulsed light systems, Energist’s reputation continues to strengthen; positioning the company to achieve further success in the aesthetic industry.

Updated on: Wednesday, June 9th, 2010