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iLipo Xcell features on Elle Turkey


Take a look at our interview with Dr. DEMET ERCİYES below.


Its name is i-LipoXcell. If you are looking for an effective and reliable system to get rid of your unwanted fat, you should meet this latest generation slimming concept. We asked Dr. Demet Erciyes from Espace Prive Chenot D-Dlife to get to know better the system that allows you to lose 2-5 cm starting from the first session.

FDA approved, latest technology slimming concept i-LipoXcell, stimulates fat cells and sessions of 45-50 minutes that involves vacuum massage and radiofrequency treatments, shapes the body, decreases fat percentage and cellulite appearance increases the blood flow. This system is accepted as the most advanced body shaping system in the world and incorporates four technologies in one. Smart body analysis, non-invasive low level cold laser that decreases the fat amount, IR vacuum massage targeting the cellulite and radiofrequency for skin tightening are the technologies are involved in i-LipoXcell system. Experts at Espace Prive Chenot D-life evaluates the effect of the system on individuals via a medical questionnaire for both women and men for each body area.

ELLE: Can you please describe in detail the 4 technologies of i-LipoXCell?

Dr. DEMET ERCİYES: i-LipoXcell both emits visible red light and infrared laser light to release fatty acids, hence shrinking the fat cells. IR vacuum massage enhances blood flow and lymphatic drainage to target cellulite. At the last step, collagen synthesis is promoted via thermal stimulation of radiofrequency, increasing the tightness of the skin.

ELLE: How often and how long are i-LipoXcell treatments?

D.E.: We decide the treatment plan during our consultation taking into account the need of the person and the results wanted to be achieved. We recommend 8 courses of treatment, twice a week in total of for weeks.

ELLE: How long the results last? Is it possible to gain weight when the treatment is over?

D.E.: The results are long lasting when the calorie intake and regime is stable.

ELLE: Can people who don’t want to lose weight but only want to get rid of cellulite benefit from this treatment?

D.E.: Of course. Without laser paddles, they can benefit from IR vacuum massage and radiofrequency to treat cellulite.

ELLE: Lately it has been argued that the primary reason to cellulite is poor circulation rather than fat deposits. What is your opinion on this?

D.E.: Cellulite formation is closely related to poor circulation. Serum that is leaked out from the walls of the veins gathered among tissue layers forming an edema. This edema, disrupts the communication between blood and fat cells, leading the deterioration of the metabolism of the fat cells and hence leading the stiffness of connective tissue. As a result of this, enlarged fat cells surrounded with fibrous bands that lost their elasticity forms nodules. Due to these nodules, orange peel appearance is seen on the skin surface.


Updated on: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016