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i-Lipo Xcell featured in “Vogue” Turkey


How does it work?

i LipoXcell integrates 4 technologies at one system: Smart body fat analysis and measurement, low level laser for non-invasive fat reduction, IR vacuum massage for lymphatic drainage and cellulite, radiofrequency for tightening. This system is used on all body areas for women and men, and in 1 session one-two cm, after 8 sessions 1 dress size slimming is promised.

What does Valerie say?

My circle knows. I’m really determined to lose weight and get slimmer this time. 3 months ago i started seeing a dietician, since i got dedicated to a healthy life, considering to eat things like pasta or and hamburger are elements of the pararllel universe, i lost 6 kilograms. Since i worked so hard to get here, i was skeptical about i-LipoXcell before my first session: How is it possible to get slimmer lying down? I can tell you exactly how much: At the end of 4 sessions, i lost 15 cm from my thighs and legs in total. I should say that, it is not something that you just lie down. Sessions are divided into 3 sections which takes almost 1 hour 15 min, and starts with laser. You don’t feel much during the laser as it burns the fat and stimulates the lazy cells. Then, vacuum part starts which allows the extra fat to move to the lymphatic system and i should warn: it really hurts. But my therapist Kezban is very sweet and competent, so we got over this part easily every time. Finally, Kezban massages on the legs by radiofrequecny to heat the tissue. The reason why i say i LipoXcell is not a system you just lie down is you need to exercise within 6 hours after the treatment (30 minutes of walking is enough). If not the fat won’t be able to eliminated from the body. If you can not g oto gym right after it is okay since they have treadmills at D-life.

How much does it cost?

8-10 sessions recommendded, one session 400 TL


Updated on: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016