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“Father of Laser” presents NeoGen Plasma at China Plastic Surgery Association’s Facial Rejuvenation Conference.

As part of the Facial Rejuvenation Conference run by the China Plastic Surgery Association, taking place between 10-12 June 2019 in Shanghai, Professor Chen “Father of Laser” delivered a speech to +200 doctors about his personal experience with NeoGen Plasma.

Prof. Chen discussed how he sees nitrogen plasma being the next revelation in energy-based treatments and a potential alternative to cosmetic surgery, particularly blepharoplasty.

Prof. Chen performed a live NeoGen Plasma demonstration, delivering 0.7 joules of nitrogen plasma energy to the model’s peri-orbital area including her eyelids.

Prof. Chen was responsible for founding the Dermalogical Department of Number Nine People’s Hospital in Shanghai, initiated in 1995. Nowadays, the department employs over 35 doctors across dermatology, dental and facial reconstruction disciplines. The department is regarded within the industry as one of the biggest and best Dermalogical Departments in the world.

Prof. Chen is one of only a few people who have been recognised by the Chinese Government for the services he provides.

Today, Prof. Chen owns and manages his own clinic, Jin Yan, in Shanghai where he uses NeoGen Plasma for the treatment of scars, stretch marks and many cosmetic treatments.

Energist and GMS we would like to say thank you to Professor Chen for sharing his expert experience and opinion.



Updated on: Tuesday, June 11th, 2019